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Dream dream dream-x-x

You are a dreamer in this life ! without a dream ,you are nothing :d

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xSomeone 18 August 2011  
u're right (:
ToxxicLov3 17 August 2011  
Right`:) If u stop dreaming, you die! <3
xRawrrBellaxD 13 June 2011  
so cuute ;
PandaloveyouForever 4 June 2011  
Life is a dream ^_^
xNeverSayNeverx 15 May 2011  
SiimmEatNoobs 8 May 2011  
Dreams makes my life perfect, because in dreams i am who i wanna! Queen of the world >:) MU - HA - HA !! LOL i amm frakyy =]]
EmmMarie 7 May 2011  
I know:">
xGlamorOus 7 May 2011  
You're right ;o <3
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